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Garden Minimalism

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Sky Planter by Patrick Morris

This gravity-defying planter, designed by Patrick Morris for New Zealand gardening guru Boskke, will change how you look at gardening—or at least cause a double-take. By suspending the planter upside-down, and using a unique watering system that slowly nourishes the plant’s roots, the

Sky Planter saves valuable floor space and literally livens up a room with oxygen-emitting foliage. No need to worry about falling soil, as the planter features a locking disc and mesh to keep everything in place.

Watering Can by Pascal Charmolu

Conventional watering cans can be a pain to use. This streamlined, practical design by Pascal Charmolu for Born in Sweden features a flexible silicone hose with a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use.

Sky Planter, $25-75,; Watering can, $78,
Photo by  Mimbild AB / Klas Svensson and Peter Anderson


Boskke Sky Planter

Watering Can by Born in Sweden