• Manifesting Sustainability
    Issue 29

    Manifesting Sustainability

    Built largely from shipping containers, the Manifesto House breathes on its own.

  • Blank Canvas
    DB 100

    Blank Canvas

    A smiple color scheme complements furnishings in a century-old Maine home.

  • Sinking into Customization
    Issue 29

    Sinking into Customization

    When it comes to basin personalization, Blanco is king.

  • Five-Star Design
    DB 100

    Five-Star Design

    A total transformation gives a drab home the luxurious feel of a top hotel.

  • Your Apartment—Cubed
    Issue 29

    Your Apartment—Cubed

    Graphic designer Till Könneker can morph your organizational essentials into one handy structure.

  • Halftime Facelift
    DB 100

    Halftime Facelift

    A boxy residential project gets a warm, family-friendly identity after a new designer takes over.

  • A Lasting Impression
    DB 100

    A Lasting Impression

    An eclectic mixture of patterns, furnishings, and materials come together to create a stylish interior.

  • Shock Rock
    DB 100

    Shock Rock

    Erin Martin Design compliments a modernist California home with a whirlwind of extraordinary flourishes.

  • Mid-Century Natural
    DB 100

    Mid-Century Natural

    A Beverly Hills home updates an old classic.

  • Reimagining the Bachelor Pad
    DB 100

    Reimagining the Bachelor Pad

    A game designer’s outdated home gets a sleek update.

  • Stone and Copper and Wood, Oh My!
    DB 100

    Stone and Copper and Wood, Oh My!

    An interior remodel uses existing elements to create a space that’s bold in pairings and compatible with the landscape.

  • Modern Love
    DB 100

    Modern Love

    A split-level renovation shows contemporary design in a new light.

  • Growing Old Together
    DB 100

    Growing Old Together

    A remodeled condo works long-term functionality and accessibility into a stylish, contemporary dwelling.

  • A Decade of Helsinki Design Week: Part 4/4
    Issue 28

    A Decade of Helsinki Design Week: Part 4/4

    We caught up with independent designer Saara Renvall to talk about Finland, being a female designer, and what the future holds.

  • Rooms with a View
    DB 100

    Rooms with a View

    A second-story addition opens up a new landscape for this Seattle home.

  • Ten Fashion Designers to Inspire Interiors
    DB 100

    Ten Fashion Designers to Inspire Interiors

    Designer Jennifer Prugh Visosky, owner of Grace Home Design, shares nine fashion designers and one chic fashion blogger that never fail to stimulate her work.

  • Seamless Connections
    DB 100

    Seamless Connections

    An upstate New York home preserves memories of the past while moving forward.

  • A Decade of Helsinki Design Week: Part 3/4
    Issue 28

    A Decade of Helsinki Design Week: Part 3/4

    With a portfolio that includes everything from a miniature woodblock model of Helsinki to the 2011 advertising campaign for the Helsinki Design Week itself, no project is too big or too playful for Kokoro & Moi to tackle.