• Tear Down These Walls
    Special Edition

    Tear Down These Walls

    A growing San Francisco architecture firm maintains its everyone-counts culture by designing an open office space.

  • Building A Greener Office
    Special Edition

    Building A Greener Office

    Environmentally conscious architects team up with their client, a green construction builder, to design an office that’s worthy of LEED Gold.

  • No Fear of Heights
    Issue 25

    No Fear of Heights

    Hospitality specialist uses landmark’s vast space to his advantage

  • Thinking Outside The Cubicle
    Special Edition

    Thinking Outside The Cubicle

    Rapt Studio knows a thing or two about creating innovative workplaces. David Galullo and Cory Sistrunk discuss what drives their work and where “the office” goes from here.

  • Calming Compromise
    Special Edition

    Calming Compromise

    A dramatic circular kitchen, Japanese spa bath, and international art contribute to this worldly design.

  • Be Our Guest
    Special Edition

    Be Our Guest

    Inspired by old European style and luxe living, YRA Design creates two visitor-friendly estates.

  • Rooms With A View
    Special Edition

    Rooms With A View

    A natural land formation dictated the dramatic design of this Ontario home.

  • Rock The Houseboat
    Special Edition

    Rock The Houseboat

    You’ve never seen a houseboat like this. Frederik Weissenborn, founding partner of Sanitov Studio, discusses “Inachus” [named after the Greek river god] the think tank’s prototype home for a new way of living on the river.

  • Problem-Solving In Paradise
    Special Edition

    Problem-Solving In Paradise

    NYC based SPG Architects resolved challenges in this modernist beachfront home with innovative engineering and cutting-edge aesthetic.

  • Celebrating a Century

    Celebrating a Century

    The American Institute of Graphic Arts launches digital platform celebrating 100 years of graphic design

  • A Home Among the Aspens
    Issue 25

    A Home Among the Aspens

    Nature’s magic influences a lodge in the mountains

  • Design In Detroit: A New Frontier?
    Issue 26

    Design In Detroit: A New Frontier?

    With cheap rent, flourishing startups, and the opportunity to reshape a city, Motown presents opportunities for the right young designers

  • Finding Space in the City
    Issue 25

    Finding Space in the City

    This architecture firm makes “urban comfort” a reality in a historic Philly ’hood

  • Internationally Inspired Interiors
    Issue 25

    Internationally Inspired Interiors

    This model-turned-designer pulls her “eclectic chic” style from all corners of the globe

  • Teensy Tiny Apartments
    Special Edition

    Teensy Tiny Apartments

    New York City joins the “micro” living movement that is sweeping urban areas. But is it really the future we want to be building?

  • On the Farm with Hôtel La Ferme
    Issue 25

    On the Farm with Hôtel La Ferme

    Nestled in the heart of Quebec’s Charlevoix region, this 145-room hotel highlights the area’s rich history and culture.

  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    A modern but modest residence is nothing like its neighbors, but a perfect fit all the same.

  • Architectural Chemistry
    Special Edition

    Architectural Chemistry

    As scientists, these Oklahoma homeowners wanted something smart and functional for their abode.