• Optimizing Skyscraper Performance
    Issue 28

    Optimizing Skyscraper Performance

    With a portfolio that includes dozens of awards, veteran architect Scott Johnson discusses the evolution of tall buildings.

  • Urban Renewal
    Issue 28

    Urban Renewal

    Clean lines and colorful art define a designer’s Chicago condo.

  • A Condo For All Ages
    Issue 28

    A Condo For All Ages

    With a savvy use of three floors, a riverside remodel reflects the needs of its designer’s clients.

  • Event Recap | Dream2o’s NeoCon Party

    Event Recap | Dream2o’s NeoCon Party

    Dream2O Showroom washes away the competition with their fashionable collection of kitchen and bathroom appliances and brand new window display.

  • Finessing a Unique Form
    Issue 28

    Finessing a Unique Form

    A defunct dome in Los Angeles gets a second life as a community center.

  • Commercial (Kitchen) Art
    Issue 28

    Commercial (Kitchen) Art

    The design of a Toronto-area store invites customers to take a culinary journey.

  • Creative Craftsmanship
    Issue 28

    Creative Craftsmanship

    Attention to detail and a sense of confident autonomy help this designer craft one-of-a-kind furniture and woodwork.

  • If You Build It
    Issue 28

    If You Build It

    ASK Studio’s self-designed office reflects its penchant for considered design.

  • Home Away from Home
    Issue 28

    Home Away from Home

    A boutique hotel revamp focuses on residential feel with an artistic flair.

  • Everyday Objects, Updated
    Issue 28

    Everyday Objects, Updated

    A look at modern applications of traditional features.

  • “‘You made this kind of strange.’ That’s exactly the reaction we’re after.”
    Issue 28

    “‘You made this kind of strange.’ That’s exactly the reaction we’re after.”

  • In the Details
    Issue 28

    In the Details

    The luminous renovation of a Chicago home allows the design to shine.

  • A Digital Dance
    Issue 28

    A Digital Dance

    PostExhibition celebrates the senses by merging our world with interactive

  • Timeless Teak
    Issue 28

    Timeless Teak

    Voted “best overall” by The Wall Street Journal, Westminster Teak USA creates weather-tested furniture for inside and out.

  • Family Style
    Issue 28

    Family Style

    Formed by a trio of brothers 10 years ago, French furniture-maker Ego Paris strives for design that blends the human and the industrial.

  • Take Two
    Special Edition

    Take Two

    An architect returns for a refresh of a contemporary cottage he designed 25 years earlier.

  • Heart of a House
    Special Edition

    Heart of a House

    Forget the family room, the hub for this New York home is its cozy new kitchen.

  • Patio Pointers
    Issue 28

    Patio Pointers

    Janice Feldman, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based JANUS et Cie, speaks with Design Bureau about designing an outdoor oasis.