• Throwing Shade
    Issue 28

    Throwing Shade

    A custom woven-metal sunshade provides cover and cachet to a new Florida academic center.

  • A Match Made in Denmark
    Issue 28

    A Match Made in Denmark

    Elegant minimalism finds a new home in Fritz Hansen’s designs.

  • Event Recap | Skip The Showroom!

    Event Recap | Skip The Showroom!

    In conjunction with this year’s edition of international design fair NeoCon, Design Bureau took the opportunity to show off the amazing work some of our furniture partners have done in our new workspace in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

  • Part of the Neighborhood
    Issue 27

    Part of the Neighborhood

    The team behind the Houston beer hall Mongoose vs. Cobra keeps history a part of the master plan.

  • Bending Expectations
    Issue 27

    Bending Expectations

    A bold museum from Zaha Hadid uses new technology to shape inspiring design.

  • Staying in Tune
    Issue 27

    Staying in Tune

    Renzo Piano adds a new verse to this Boston museum’s history while respecting its namesake’s original version.

  • Pieces of the Whole
    Issue 28

    Pieces of the Whole

    The Mercadito Hospitality Group calls on risk-takers of culinary arts, mixology, design, and branding to curate a unique experience for restaurant-goers.

  • Fine-Art Fashion
    Issue 26

    Fine-Art Fashion

    A British photographer produces slinky silk scarves from photo negatives.

  • Haute Handbags
    Issue 27

    Haute Handbags

    Vintage maven turned fashion designer Anna Corinna, one half of Foley + Corinna, speaks about her sophisticated Manhattan brand that all started with a budding friendship.

  • Fill in the Blank: Jinil Park
    Issue 26

    Fill in the Blank: Jinil Park

    When the 25-year-old South Korean designer says he’s inspired by his daily sketches, he means it quite literally.

  • Go Fish!
    Issue 26

    Go Fish!

    Aquarium Architecture’s luxe aquariums add unique flair to any setting.

  • Designer Toy Story
    Issue 26

    Designer Toy Story

    Pharrell Williams and Design Exchange get serious about playful design with This Is Not a Toy.

  • Factory Tour: Shinola
    Issue 26

    Factory Tour: Shinola

    Detroit’s new factory and luxury brand wrote its own origin story—but the next chapter may prove more intriguing.

  • Event Recap | Collective 2 Design Fair

    Event Recap | Collective 2 Design Fair

    The event brought together galleries specializing in 20th Century and contemporary design from around the world.

  • Controlled Chaos
    Issue 26

    Controlled Chaos

    Painter Gina Han finds harmony in spontaneity.

  • Painting With Code
    Issue 26

    Painting With Code

    Digital art may yet be in its infancy, but Brooklyn artist Siebren Versteeg is using coding technology to help it grow up.

  • Fear No Fashion
    Issue 26

    Fear No Fashion

    Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld turns tricky textiles into wearable works of art.

  • WallTat Decals: Moving Art Beyond the Frame

    WallTat Decals: Moving Art Beyond the Frame

    Interior design should never be one-size-fits-all—and that’s exactly what Chicago-based designer Jordan Guide had in mind when she created WALLTAT, customizable, made-to-order wall and ceiling decals that are as simple to remove as they are to install.