• Design of Sports: Evolving Uniforms
    Issue 06

    Design of Sports: Evolving Uniforms

    We chat with ESPN columnist Paul Lukas about the current landscape of sartorial aesthetics in athletics

  • Carbon-Conscious Kicks
    Issue 06

    Carbon-Conscious Kicks

    New Jersey-based Civic Duty makes recyclable vegan footwear out of Tyvex

  • Toys by Design: Ferg
    Issue 06

    Toys by Design: Ferg

    By playing with aggression, Clay “Ferg” Ferguson makes toys that are conceptually sinister, but rendered with a Keane-eyed cuteness

  • Storefront: Life:Curated
    Issue 06

    Storefront: Life:Curated

    See how stellar interior design spiced up a lifestyle boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn



    Two custom lighting installations from a pair of enterprising Indiana-based designers

  • Chicago Spotlight: Scott Wilson
    Issue 06

    Chicago Spotlight: Scott Wilson

    Sometimes the best work is right under our noses. This month, we aim the local spotlight on Scott Wilson of multidisciplinary design firm MINIMAL.

  • Lush Living
    Issue 06

    Lush Living

    Greenery abounds in real-estate developer Matthew Blesso’s NYC penthouse

  • Peep Show: Jen Farrell

    Peep Show: Jen Farrell

    This week, we peep the letterpress studio of Chicago-based artist Jen Farrell, who’s been hand-setting type since the late ’90s

  • Building Doctors
    Issue 06

    Building Doctors

    Redesigning old structures takes patience and trust. Good thing the partners at Edmonds + Lee are also husband and wife.

  • Fold School
    Issue 05

    Fold School

    Teach kids about building sound structures with this DIY cardboard furniture from a Swiss designer

  • Breaking the Plane

    Breaking the Plane

    Charles Rose Architects shows how a single guiding principle can be translated into a diversity of projects

  • One Ring to Color Them All

    One Ring to Color Them All

    Designer Tim Liles makes fashionable accessories out of crayons

  • The Vertebrae Chair

    The Vertebrae Chair

    Using the human spine as inspiration, an architect makes a chair that is a bona fide success

  • Homeless Cop’s Epic Stoner Comedy

    Homeless Cop’s Epic Stoner Comedy

    Adult Swim illustrator Homeless Cop makes the move from 10-second bumps to a full-length TV show

  • Rich Brilliant Willing
    Issue 06

    Rich Brilliant Willing

    With a name that belies its humility, this furniture-designing trio is making waves with its modern wares

  • Contest: Alessi Cocktail Shaker
    Issue 06

    Contest: Alessi Cocktail Shaker

    Enter to win an Alessi 5050 cocktail shaker, as seen in the July/August issue

  • Design Icon: The Cubicle
    Issue 05

    Design Icon: The Cubicle

    Love it or hate it, the cubicle defines the modern workspace

  • Business Chic with a Twist

    Business Chic with a Twist

    With Lang Architects’ help, a hedge fund’s new office space proves that serious business doesn’t have to be stiff