• Flicking Through Buildings

    Flicking Through Buildings

    We catch up with Archizines curator Elias Redstone on his new exhibition in London

  • Fill in the Blank: John Senhauser
    Issue 08

    Fill in the Blank: John Senhauser

    The laid-back architect talks mind-blowing structures, why failure is never the end, and his once-potential career as a cowboy

  • TV-Inspired Chuck Taylors

    TV-Inspired Chuck Taylors

    Using the classic canvas shoes as his, uh, canvas, Boston-based illustrator/designer Jon Defreest created three wicked-cool sneaks

  • Recycle Your Phone

    Recycle Your Phone

    Designer Herald Ureña devised foolproof packaging that would allow consumers to mail their old, defunct cellphones to a recycling center

  • Inside/Out
    Issue 08


    Five photographers interpret what it means to be on the flip side of things

  • Renegade Architecture
    Issue 08

    Renegade Architecture

    Young designers are proving there’s more than one way to the top

  • Dialogue: Jesse Thorn

    Dialogue: Jesse Thorn

    “America’s Radio Sweetheart” gets down with design

  • Shwood’s Reality Show

    Shwood’s Reality Show

    Voted America’s favorite small business, the wooden eyewear specialist won a truckload of cash and is the star of its own online reality show

  • Debra Baxter’s Badass Jewelry
    Issue 08

    Debra Baxter’s Badass Jewelry

    If you’re looking for subtle, Debra Baxter’s whopping crystal showpieces are probably not for you

  • At Home & Work with Tony Chi
    Issue 08

    At Home & Work with Tony Chi

    The worldly designer gives us a look inside both of his artfully arranged homes and shares with us his style philosophy—or lack thereof

  • Cool & Confident
    Issue 08

    Cool & Confident

    Montreal interior designer René Desjardins discusses picking a team with talent, and why designers should consider getting a minor in psychology

  • Buzz Worthy
    Issue 08

    Buzz Worthy

    Straight outta London, graffiti for your dome

  • Sketching on the Run

    Sketching on the Run

    Illustrator Christoph Niemann ran the NYC marathon while drawing and tweeting along the way. How’s that for multitasking?

  • Toys by Design: Circus Posterus
    Issue 08

    Toys by Design: Circus Posterus

    Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas comprise Circus Posterus, a DIY-art and -design collective

  • Pretty Packaging
    Issue 08

    Pretty Packaging

    Whimsical cosmetic designs that are as fun as playing dress-up

  • Core Deco by Matt Moore

    Core Deco by Matt Moore

    Graphic designer Matt Moore’s new Core Deco collection aims to inject some fun geometry into the home

  • Grinds, Tricks, and Treats

    Grinds, Tricks, and Treats

    A British skateboard printer celebrates the night of frights with an old-school process

  • From Dreary to Dreamy
    Issue 08

    From Dreary to Dreamy

    Architect Robert Young starts fresh, creating a brand new pad using classic beach house style and sensibility