04. The Cafe at Hotel Mulia | The Restaurant Guide 2012

04. The Cafe at Hotel Mulia | The Restaurant Guide 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

By Lawrence Karol

Great food and great design don’t always go hand in hand—but they should. From a small pizza joint in New York City to a massive art-infused former factory in Sydney, these amazing spaces will sate your appetite for both wonderfully-prepared dishes and creative interiors.

Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the primary goals of any hotel should be to make you feel like it’s your home away from home. Dan Kwan, design director of Wilson Associates, took that notion to heart when he planned the layout of The Cafe at Hotel Mulia. He worked with the idea in mind that the restaurant needed to appeal to locals, as well as a very international clientele.

His solution was to avoid the usual one-size-fits-all style of many other hotel restaurants and instead to take a more residential room-by-room approach that creates different environments within one large space. Craving Asian cuisine? Stop into the Asian kitchen where orange hues evoke tropical weather. Or maybe some sashimi? Grab a table next to the large trumpet-shaped column covered with Sakura flowers. Just craving some regular Western fare? A room bedecked in an English rose motif might be more your style. Any way you slice it, you’re sure to find a spot that will make you feel right at home.

FOOD: International

DON'T MISS DISH: Dan Kwan says the Sop Buntut (translated as “soup backside”) is addictive.

It's a clear oxtail consommé with Indonesian spices, served with fluffy white rice and belinjo

crackers made from a bitter local nut, and a sweet, smoky-inky black sauce called kecup

manis (sweet ketchup).




   Design nirvana.

   Did someone say ‘wow’?

   Pretty damn cool.


   Calling for a redesign.

Knock it down and start again.

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