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11 Notebooks | Back to School Gear

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

By John Dugan
Photo by Zack Burris

Missing the tactile pleasures of real pen and paper? Stick one of these notebooks in your day bag and let inspiration take over.

Clockwise from top left, finishing in center

Moleskine light warm grey cahier, $12.95/three, moleskine.com

Moleskine Volant notebook plain orange, purple and yellow, $12.95/two, moleskine.com

Spartan library pocket travel notebook, $24, spartan-shop.com

Spartan green book "All My Thoughts," $28, spartan-shop.com

French notebooks, $15.80/4-pack, laughingelephant.com

Field Notes Red Blooded notebook, $9.95/3-pack, fieldnotesbrand.com

Field Notes County Fair, Illinois, $9.95/3-pack, fieldnotesbrand.com

Paperways Idea note book, $12, thehach.com

Crystallized sketchbook and Twisted sketchbook, $18, lettersketch.com

Tanner Goods handmade linen notebook, $15, tannergoods.com

Standardnumber Golden Age notebook, $12, thehach.com

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