33 rue Majorelle | Shop: Marrakech

33 rue Majorelle | Shop: Marrakech

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

By Aryn Beitz

A hip focal point in the city of Marrakech, next to the famed Jardin Majorelle, on Rue Yves Saint Laurent, chic shop 33 Rue Majorelle elegantly blends the past and present with high regard for regional tradition. 

Majorelle stocks the work of 40-60 Moroccan designers on two floors, and is curated with an expert touch with options for every budgets. The boutique features retro-chic and boho must-haves like colorful hand-sewn cushions from Khennouf, along with one-of-a-kind items like revolutionary bags from Egypt. “In Morocco, everything is crafted to perfection,” says owner Monique Bresson. “The vibrant and bold colors, the rich hues, the abundant geometric ornaments, and the handcrafted textures are what make Moroccan art and design so distinctive.” 

Monique's Moroccan Fashion Must-Haves:
Noureddine Amir—He does not design dresses...He sculpts them.
Said Mahrouf —He makes spectacular dresses.

And everything inside is presented with reverence for artistic vision. “I wanted the visit to be apprehended like a ‘promenade’ between different and distinct universes,” Bresson says. “That’s why I have chosen to partition the space into corners, each of which tells only one story—the designer’s story.” 

In case the options become overwhelming, there's refreshment at Kaowa, a cafe and juice bar on the premises, as well as a soothing gallery specializing in Moroccan painting. 

“We need to continue to surprise our visitors with new designers and collections,” Bresson says. And also with juice, apparently.


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