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Aminaka Wilmont

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

By D. Burrell

“Our research and design process is founded on conflict,” says Marcus Wilmont, one half of the Scandinavian design duo Aminaka Wilmont. The tension is productive, it seems.  The pair, Wilmont and partner Maki Aminaka Lofvander, has drawn steady praise for working neutral-tone, gauzy fabrics into pieces honoring stern but feminine sexuality. AW's hip-high slits, deep cut-out sleeves and body-conscious fits are passionately attentive to the female silhouette.

The duo's avant-garde orientation was set when they met working with British designer Robert Cary-Williams and it comes through in patterns. Fabrics are embossed with digital prints that draw inspiration from animals, flowers and natural elements, all homages to Lofvander’s and Wilmont’s respective cultural heritage. “Nature is the master architect of design and this is something inherent in our cultural backgrounds. Scandinavian and Japanese design sensibilities strongly revolve around an appreciation of the natural environment.” 

Couture queen Daphne Guinness owns an AW bolero, and a dancer in Madonna’s 2012 Superbowl halftime show wore one as well. Nobody was more surprised, apparently, than the designers themselves. Wilmont says: “I noticed it when I accidentally caught the show in the middle of the night!”

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