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The outlook in the master bedroom thrusts out over a beautiful, lush view of the surrounding wetlands. Indirect energy-efficient windows open up the space while popper widows underneath allow fresh air to come inside. Indirect lighting in the ceiling soffit offers a soft luminescent glow. 

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Gleysteen used the zero-clearance fireplace to establish a sense of place in the living room. “If you don’t create a sense of place, your living room will feel like a hotel lobby or waiting room,” says Gleysteen. Its exposed chimney is made from Douglas-fir while the hearth is made from grey marble stone. The soft, neutral wall color reflects natural light during the day and brings a warm and inviting coziness to nights.

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Gleysteen designed the house around the central kitchen. Because of the home’s open floor plan, Gleysteen anchored the area with a lowered ceiling and a limestone tile floor. Maple Cabinetry and a recycled heart pine island create clean lines with natural finishes. 


With Gleysteen’s background in sculpting, he approached the 3,600-square-foot house with a sculptor’s eye and used concrete, hearty plank, glass, and corrugated aluminum siding for its exterior. 

An Open Floor Plan with an Overlook

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Due to the structural foundation failures of the site's original house, Marcus Gleysteen and his team decided it was necessary to create the Overlook House from scratch. The Massachusetts-based architect chose an open floor plan to foster a stronger sense of family participation and an overall design he describes as organic modernism: "Modernism that evolves naturally from all the resources at hand," Gleysteen says. 

With his sculpting background, Gleysteen applied his artful training to combine sculpting and architecture. The Overlook House's exterior is shaped from classic New England materials, while the interior features clean, natural finishes. "It's dynamic, dramatic, and integrates effortlessly with the landscape," he says. A cantilevr that extends out into the surrounding wetlands offers sufficient space without the heft environmental footprint.