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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Bearskin by Eelko Moorer

Eelko Moorer triggers curiosity with his rubber creation, Bearskin. Moorer says he was inspired to create Bearskin after observing children’s Playmobil plastic figures. “What happens when we bring this perfected, idealized and stereotype toy-like projection of reality back into a familiar real life situation?” he says. Bearskin is available in brown, black and white urethane-rubber, and each rug is specifically casted and made to order.

Ashtrays by Areaware

Areawear’s cheeky Gorilla, Skullrilla, and Robotrilla ashtrays provide hours of entertainment: when used, smoke billows out from the gorilla’s eyes and nose. Designed by David Weeks, the piece’s intended purpose was just to be used as an ashtray, however people have also used it as a container for candy, nuts, keys or to house a cell phone or iPod.

The Horse Lamp by Front

The Horse Lamp by Front measures in at more than seven feet high, making it a dramatic statement piece for any room. Foundry director Marvin George notes that although the lamp is quite cumbersome, he does have clients who are in search of a piece that crosses over into sculptural art, and that it has been used in a number of hotels, large companies and boutiques.

Kaira Townsend is an apparel assistant for Anthropologie and a freelance writer currently residing in Chicago.

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