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An Architect’s Hideaway

Friday, August 17th, 2012

By John Dugan

We're going to go out on a limb here and say that Monterrey, Mexico's  S-AR stación-ARquitectura is not a flashy studio. Why? Just take a look at Taller, the firm's latest project, a workshop for itself on a secluded lot. It features a partially buried building space that faces a backyard area with so little detail as to be incognito. The workshop has a furnished side for working, and another side for storing models of projects. When walking through the space, all the projects are to one side. The space features MDF that echoes the main material used in the models. The service side of the building contains a bathroom, a storage room and a cleaning area. A manual skylight ventilates the place. Smart details you don't see? The buried double walls on one side of the structure serve as a drain system for rainwater which is collected in tanks placed under the patios and is used to irrigate the existing vegetation. The economic and honest project even allows some old trees to "invade the space of the workshop."  It might not be the sexiest spot in town, but S-AR have squeezed a lot of smart moves in one space.







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