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Archive12 Announced

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

By John Dugan

Earlier this month, the STA announced Archive12 selections, the 2012 selections for the Chicago Design Archive (CDA). The 38 pieces were chosen in a juried competition from a field of hundreds of entries.  If you're just tuning in now, you might be wondering....

What's The Chicago Design Archive?
A permanent collection of more than 800 of the most innovative, creative design pieces from the last 80 years. 

Who runs it?
The Society of Typographic Arts (STA), Chicago’s association devoted to design and visual communications, originally founded in 1927

Who entered Archive12?
A diverse group of designers ranging from students just beginning careers to up-and-comers and established, heavy-duty firms.

Who judged?
Designers Andrew Blauvelt, Tom Crabtree, Adam Michaels, Cheryl Towler Weese and Alisa Wolfson

Where can I see it?
An exhibit of all Archive12 selections is currently running at the Harrington College of Design gallery through October 28 at 200 West Madison Street, Chicago.


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