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Beijing Design Week 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

By Sarah Murray

Photos courtesy of China Design News

These days, everything new in China is bigger and more futuristic than the version anywhere else.

Unlike most global Design Weeks, this year's Beijing Design Week completely absorbs the city. Under the direction of Aric Chen, the 9-day event will include forums with top design leaders such as the New York Times Beijing Design Forum, the Annual Beijing Design Awards—celebrating the best in Chinese design, and Design Hop—an extensive exhibit covering four main zones that will feature differently-themed design "hubs" across the city (in areas like 751D•PARK) complete with innovative and appealing projects and activities. Guest City Milan will showcase Italian design throughout the fest. The inaugural edition of Beijing Design Fair, under the space curatorship of Milan studio Migliore+Servetto, will make its debut in a 3000 square-meter disused water tank featuring 17 booths worth of design products.

The feature exhibit this year will be GeoCity Smart City, curated by China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA). GeoCity will interpret data from application cases for smart city initiatives and then map it into a well-designed interface, creating a centralized case study for the Smart Beijing project. 

Examples of a smarter, cleaner city can be seen in action in design neighborhood Caochangdi, which will provide an example of a self-sustained community. 

This all takes place during China's Golden Week, which celebrates the founding of the Chinese Republic.

Beijing Design Week
September 28—October 6, 2012


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