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Ruby x Tron

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Tron just might be the biggest blockbuster of the holiday season, what with its neon 3-D effects, digitally youthful Jeff Bridges and much anticipated Daft Punk soundtrack. As such, cross-promotional products are beginning to hit the market, in hopes of getting audiences excited not only about the film, but about things tangentially related to the film.

Enter the Tron motorcycle helmet by French boutique Les Ateliers Ruby. The helmet takes the fluid lines of Ruby's classic style and adds Tron's unmistakable blue circuitry graphics. It might look a bit strange if used in combination with a sputtering old Vespa — or even stranger, a Harley — but it's probably not meant to be worn in the first place. Definitely a collector's item, the helmet is just the beginning of what High Snobiety reports is "a series of themed collaborations" from colette for the French release of the film in 2o11.

Check out more helmets from Ruby, including a collaboration with Eley Kishimoto and a line from Jerome Coste called Pavilion.

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