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Celebrating a Century

Monday, March 10th, 2014

AIGA recently launched “100 Years of Design”—a dynamic online platform documenting significant design works from the last century that have impacted our collective visual experience. Viewers are encouraged to add their own favorite examples of design history to the initial selection of works, which are drawn primarily from the AIGA Design Archives and woven together with commentary from leading designers. Driven by participation from designers, students and design enthusiasts, the site invites conversation about design’s rich legacy and expanding impact.

There are iconic designs to explore—such as Milton Glaser’s “Dylan” poster and the logo Walter Landor created for Cotton Inc.—as well as designs which impact our daily lives, from the Nutrition Facts labeling on food packages designed by Burkey Belser, to the UPC bar code developed at IBM by N. Joseph Woodland & Bernard Silver.

The project is intended as a continually expanding source of inspiration and education for designers and the public alike. Narratives focused on the impacts of design encourage users to consider the role of design in their own lives. Instead of a history based on periods or styles, the result is a collaborative tribute comprising personal stories about making, experiencing and appreciating design.

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