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Cloud House Australia

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

By Justin Ray

Like a fine wine or a good novel, good design often takes time. A double-fronted Edwardian house located the in Fitzroy North suburb of Melbourne has been added to and renovated several times over the last fifty years. This time around, the Australian firm McBride Charles Ryan, went bold with a south-facing addition which mimics a cloud in its bulging rounded shape.

Inside, Cloud House is distinguished by three distinct parts. As dwellers move through the home, they experience unexpected episodes and features that foreshadow upcoming rooms. The street-side view is a nod to the Edwardian Design of the early 20th century and the original house. A white interior with a floral-patterned carpet leads to the first alteration, the kitchen. It's a deconstructed red box that acts as the bridge of the project. Projecting from the kitchen is the playful cloud structured room from which the house gets its name. The living room renovation faces south allowing generous amounts of sunlight.

The structure of the cloud appears dramatic from an outside view while handsome wood-paneled walls and ceilings warm the interior. With its inspired geometry and impeccably crafted details, this is one cloud we don't mind being under.

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