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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

By Jordan Mainzer
Photos by Grey Office Ltd., Joshua Cummings and Andrew Cummings

The coffee shop should be the third place in one’s life after work and home,” says designer Joshua Cummings of Grey Office, a Brooklyn-based architecture firm that recently designed Brewshot, a new gourmet coffee spot just across the bay in Jersey City, New Jersey. Indeed, Brewshot’s goal is to not only introduce a high-end coffee culture to Jersey City, but to introduce the coffee shop as the primary public place in one’s life, a hub for creativity and intellectualism. The much-raved-about espresso is just one reason to visit Brewshot; here are five more.

1: Designer Joshua Cummings looked to stained-glass windows of cathedrals for design inspiration. “I wanted Brewshot to have that same familiar warmth and feeling,” he says. Now, the inspiring interior of the coffee shop makes it a place of pilgrimage for creative professionals.

2: Cummings’ friend, graphic designer Ross Clugston, designed Brewshot’s typeface to mirror the architecture, design, and even coffee culture of 1950s Milan. He took a standard typeface and gave it a contemporary spin. “It’s modern at the same time,” Cummings says.

3: The walls were painted with a special dichroic automobile paint that changes color with the lighting. Eight pendant lights in wooden frames give the walls an ombré effect. The positioning of the lights references the classic urban diner, a la Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.”

4: Exposed wooden shelving unifies the space. “The idea was to create a geometry that really ties the space together,” Cummings says. The exposed wooden shelves tie into the wood used in the chairs and tabletops.

5: The Salt Chair from Design Within Reach, featured prominently in the shop, echoes the geometry of Brewshot’s design. “They’re simple and you might find them in a classic, old-world establishment,” Cummings says.

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