Interior Designer Sara Chiarilli Artful Conceptions

Cool Design, Warm Hues

Friday, February 15th, 2013

By Delia Cai
Photos courtesy of Sara Chiarilli

Even in sunny Florida, glass and concrete can appear to be cold. Designer Sara Chiarilli of Artful Conceptions was hired to add some warmth to one modern manse. And she did so using what else? Color.

DB: This house features a lot of dark materials for a Florida home. Where did you begin when trying to warm it up?
Sara Chiarilli: We brought in a lot of reds, golds, and funky colors. We then worked with a lot of warm cherrywood tones to bring in some of those warmer tones, as opposed to the cool grays and blacks that were going on.

DB: Aside from the color scheme, this house has a very open plan. How did you make it feel less exposed?

SC: Everything was so open. You walk into that main area, and almost the entire home is visible. There were no doors to the bathroom!
We had to do a lot of finessing with making sure that things were placed in proper ways.

DB: How did you create a plan that worked for the space?

SC: Everything that went into that home ended up having to be completely designed. The living room, for example, just wasn’t right for a typical sofa love seat [or] regular sectional set up. You have these beautiful arches and curves in the house, so I really felt that we needed to bring those curves [into the furniture]. That’s how I ended up designing and creating that circular sofa. My client also had to have something to lay back on when he was watching TV. That’s why the sofa has that odd arm in the middle. It props you up as you’re laying back!  

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