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12 Cool Desks to Get America Back to Work

Friday, September 21st, 2012

By Joel Hoglund

Frequently cited for our unrivaled savvy when it comes to tricky matters of the economy, we here at Design Bureau have devised a strategy to compel that 47 percent of Americans who are just slacking off to work a little harder: Give 'em one of these awesome desks to work at. That great mass of shiftless idlers won't be able to resist putting in the extra hours when they're parked at a high-design workspace. Problem solved. You're welcome, America. Design Bureau 2016. 

1. Chelsea Workspace, bespoke desk for private client, by Synthesis Design + Architecture

2. Wave Desk by Robert Brou of Naturalism Furniture

3. California Desk by J. Rusten Furniture Studio

4. Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet for Babini Office

5. Vintage Boomerang Desk by Maurice Calka

6. Strates Desk by Mathieu Lehanneur

7. Valcucine desk

8. Iceberg desk

9. DC-3 wing desk by Dolph Bode

10. DC-6 Cowling Airplane Desk by MotoArt

11. Omega Desk by Atomare

12. Vintage Max Ingrand Desk

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