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Core Deco by Matt Moore

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Founded in spring 2011, Core Deco is a brand-new venture from graphic designer Matt W. Moore. He teamed with talented friends to bring his visions to life, including wood crafter Erik Flanagan, screen printer Dominic D'Alessio, and videographer Jeff Griecci. He only has a few products on his website so far, but from what we've seen, Moore's got a bright future in object design. Here's a quick roundup of his offerings:

Ceramic Tile Coasters

Bold, black-and-white, screen-printed coasters that come as a set of four. We want to buy about a hundred and decorate our walls. Check out the video to the left to see how they were made.

Diamond Corner Shelf

A five-level shelf that tucks stealthily into the corner. All it takes to install this unique shelving system is four screws.

Modular Corner Shelf Set

A companion piece to the Diamond Corner, Moore's three-shelf modular system also tucks into a corner — but you're free to arrange it however you want. Dig the cute, little triangle brackets!

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