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David Byrne Bike Racks for BAM

Friday, August 24th, 2012

By John Dugan
Photos by Dino Perrucci

Earlier this week, The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) unveiled two new bike racks by urban biker and musician David Byrne. Made by Dero Bike Racks, the racks are made from an interchangeable system of components that form letters and words.

Byrne, who studied at RISD, wanted a flexible system that could be changed up. “When designing these bike racks, I wondered how I could make something that was modular, yet variable—a design that wouldn't always look the same and could vary depending on season and placement. I realized that a few very basic shapes—a semi circle, a line, and a V shape—would allow one to make a good percentage of the letters of our alphabet. With help and advice from Dero Bike Racks, we figured out how these components could be easily and quickly swapped out to spell different words. For example, the letters could spell out the productions at BAM or any random message for that matter.” 

Byrne chose letters he liked in form and made the words “pink crown” and “micro lip,” both of which sound a bit naughtier than intended. The David Byrne Bike Racks will be stationed outside BAM’s main building at 30 Lafayette Street—the Peter Jay Sharp Building—which houses the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, BAM Rose Cinemas, and BAMcafé.

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