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Debra Baxter’s Badass Jewelry

Friday, November 11th, 2011

photo by Andy Reynolds

Inspired by Superman's Fortress of Solitude, designer Debra Baxter set out to create an absurdist sculptural piece and ended up launching a viral jewelry hit with her crystal brass knuckles. “I am in awe that nature and time can create such wonder,” says Baxter of her mineral obsession.

A fascination with geology, rocks and their healing power steered her to incorporate heavy materials with light, such as alabaster and crystal. Fusing the juxtaposing materials together, Baxter ended up producing what she refers to as a “a weapon and a healing tool in one.”

After being flooded with inquiries about mass production, Baxter has now launched rock and crystal jewelry line called DB/CB (Debra Baxter/Crystal Bomb), which features bold pieces similar to the brass knuckles, yet includes more wearable items, as well.

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