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Alessi 9094/8 French Press

Wonderful press coffee pot buy one of the greats of Italian design, Aldo Rossi.

I only feel you should have credit his design in your text.

Design Icon: The French Press

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Since the 1850s, coffee connoisseurs and caffeine addicts alike have equipped their kitchens with the ubiquitous French press coffee maker. Despite its name, the Italians and French have both laid claim to this invention as part of their own culinary legacies. As the story goes, a Frenchman invented the coffee press after casually inserting a screen at the bottom of his coffee pot, although it only became an official invention after Italian designer Attilio Calimanipatented its design in 1929.

The French press has remained virtually unchanged over the course of its 81-year history.  Also known as a press pot, coffee plunger and cafetiere, its design is elegant yet extremely functional, with a process that consists of three simple steps: pour the coffee grinds and boiling water into the cylindrical glass chamber, let the mixture steep and then press down on the sieve mechanism to trap the grinds at the bottom of the pot. The pressing process yields a coffee that is richer in color, flavor and texture than its pot-brewed counterpart.  Today, French press coffee makers are available as full-sized kitchen appliances or as miniaturized travel mugs, making it possible to brew coffee both stylishly and efficiently wherever you may be.


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