Minjae Lee

Dramatic Color

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

By Justin Ray

The 23 year old South Korean artist Minjae Lee’s works are memorable for what seems a contradiction: haunting, tense poses imbued with brilliant color. Self taught, the artists uses old school tools—pens, markers, acrylics, crayons—to create colorful, yet disturbing works that are hard to ignore. 

He counts John Galliano among his heroes—and one can see a similar flair for the dramatic coming through. Lee uses youthful, vibrant colors that might look childish in another context into mysterious, almost macabre works. The sophistication of his pattern work, his portrayal of drama between agony and beauty, and his analog technique all make him one to watch. His latest work is a street art project in Israel on display in Tel-Aviv’s Jaff Port in the Old City of Jaffa.

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