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Engineering Temporality

Monday, September 17th, 2012

By Justin Ray

Tuomas Markunpoika, graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, has created a collection of thought-provoking installations for his thesis. He covered pieces of furniture with a web of steel rings, then he burned the pieces of furniture, leaving rings behind in fuzzy shapes of the original structure. The project, Engineering Temporality, is an exploration of memory, materialsim and the impermanence of humanity. The work was inspired by his grandmother 's battle with Alzheimer's disease, and her loss of cherished memories. The artist statement says "her Alzheimer’s disease is unravelling the fabric of her life, knot by knot, and vaporizing the very core of her personality and life, her memories, and turning her into a shell of a human being." 

The installation investigates caring for objects that will one day be no more. Psychology meets reality and bitter unavoidable truth is revealed. "My pursuit was to give an object a memory, create tension and stage a play between the perfect, anonymous mass produced structural material and the imperfect of human being," Markunpoika said. "The shell that is left caresses the vanished object, the memory of it, referring to the past."

VIDEOEngineering Temporality

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