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Feltron’s Info-Graphic Wine Label

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Reigning info-graphic king Nicholas Feltron, better known simply by his Transformers-esque surname, worked with Australian winery Between Five Bells on a new label. How did a winemaker that you've likely never heard of convince one of the world's leading graphic designers to polish up its product's packaging? BFB owner David Fesq has the same great-grandfather as Feltron. "I doubt securing the services of one of the world’s leading designers would have happened without this piece of serendipity." Fesq says.

For its 2010 Red, BFB wanted to be transparent and forthcoming about the wine it was selling. Even before deciding to put it on the label, Fesq had been collecting data on the vineyards, vintage conditions, ferments, and more since 2009. With Feltron's help, "The labels on these wines should tell you something about the wine inside, be honest about it, and maybe even help inspire a bit of wine research."

BFB's future labels will also feature the specialized info-graphic design. Each bottle's data set differs from that of the bottle next to it; thus, no two labels can be the same. 

Those of you who buy based on label (i.e. most of us) —  good luck resisting this one.

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