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Visn by Futurehaus

Color Oven by Bruno Lima

phiRatio by Erik Zitzermann

Phoster by Bucket Labs

The Font Game by Justin Stahl


Finger Art

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

by Delia Cai

Awash in the ever-updating sea of apps, what’s a graphic designer on-the-go to do? Well, until surgical fusion of Photoshop and the human brain is available, download these five iPhone apps to satisfy your burning need to design whenever and wherever. All are available for under three dollars, so starving artists, fear not.

1.Visn - $1.99 by Futurehaus

Visn is an image feed of all things art and design. It pulls photos from around the world and can even filter through your Google Reader subscriptions. You can save and share favorites via Twitter, Facebook, and email, or you can keep swiping sideways for enough eye candy to break any inspiration dry spell.

2.Color Oven - $2.99 by Bruno Lima

Simplify the hunt for the perfect color palette.  Just snap a photo, or use your existing pictures, to create color schemes that you can preview in action and export as  HTML/CSS codes, Photoshop Swatches, or images.  

3.phiRatio– $0.99 by Erik Zitzermann

Don’t let mathematical details dampen those lightbulb moments! At a second’s notice, phiRatio lets you calculate the golden ratios and font sizes to use in your videos, photography, and music.

 4.Phoster - $1.99 by Bucket Labs

That awkward moment when you want to beam a quickie invite to tonight’s concert without losing your creativity cred…is actually not so awkward anymore. Combine your photos with Phoster’s 82+ templates, background colors, fonts, and filters to design and distribute posters in a flash.

 5.The Font Game - $1.99 by Justin Stahl

The Font Game offers entertainment and a lesson in typography all in one. Hey, you never know when the difference between Cooper Black Italic and Courier Bold Oblique could be a matter of life or death.