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Shirley says:

Hihi, I’m Shirley from Hong Kong, your product ” Goose cones” looks amazing and make us aware of the beauty in the small things that surround us. In Hong Kong, there’s no regulations to control the traffic cones used for internal purpose. So, just wanna know is there any way we can buy your product which will be placed at one of the historical development and cultural landmark in Hong Kong.

Looking forward to your favorable reply.

For Hire: Michael Savona

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Originally from upstate New York, Michael Savona decided to take his inclination for drawing to the next level and enrolled at Alfred University. After receiving his BFA in printmaking and sculpture, he dabbled in different areas of design, including a stint as a Preparatory at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where he discovered an inclination for objects. “Objects seemed to blend all my interests: architecture, design, fashion and art, wrapped into a tangible and arrange-able form.” Savona decided to pursue this interest further and entered the School of the Art Institute Chicago, where he recently wrapped up his Masters degree in designed objects. Now the ‘object’ in question seems to be his post-graduate career.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Simple, yet slightly off.

Can you describe some of your designed objects?

The Okie Donkie was built in response to a class theme of “objects that entertain us.” The Okie Donkie is a zebra-striped donkey that is ‘okay’ with things. Pose his legs and swap his magnetic head and tail to be who you wish or need him to be.

Who are some artists you look to for inspiration?

Maurice Sheltens, SANAA, Lucas Ossendrijver.

What’s the best thing/most useful piece of information you learned in design school? The least?

Best and worst: say yes to opportunity.

What are your post-graduation career goals?

To start a graphic/object design studio, exhibit, perhaps try teaching, ride my bicycle and to cook again.

Why should somebody hire you?

I design objects as “company," in the sense that the pieces are designed for a setting that you both live with and live around. Similar to the company you keep, there is an ease at which you can both engage with or silently enjoy each other — together or apart. The work (and this is where I am trying to position myself in terms of hiring) is designed with this dynamic in mind.

More of Michael’s work can be found at

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