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Monday, November 15th, 2010

In partnership with Fabrica, the Benetton Group’s Communications Research Center and The Impossible Project, photographers Gabriele ChiappariniAnna Morosini, Elena Vaninetti and Andrea Colombopacked their Polaroid cameras into a rented Ford Galaxy and hit the road for a 24-day journey through Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. “We all really love Polaroids,” says Chiapparini. “It’s a particular way to see pictures: a little bit dirty, a little bit unprecise, a little bit poetic and artistic, and a little out of control.”

Along the way, they documented their journey through their travel blog Four Lines, with each participant capturing the happenings of the trip through instant photos and online journal entries. Although they often shot and wrote about the same thing, each one did so from their individual perspectives, making them realize that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. “We were driving and one of us would say ‘Stop the car!’ to take a photo, and [we would] try to understand why it was an important photo for the other person. It was really nice to see what is beautiful for one is maybe different for another one.”

April 15 – Welcome Idlers (Gabriele)

Welcome to this blog. I never had a personal blog… i always thought never can be interested to read what i have write and say when I don’t have nothing to do (like now). Well.

it’s a little bit melancholic night and I’m listening 10,000 times “pink bullets”. This record remember me the south of Spain and it mean in my mind my travels. I will take it with us during the long long trip to Scandinavia. It was long and hard to prepare all this. But… we almost finished now! just 15 days. I just finished to re-count and re-order a little part of films (Polaroid) we will take with us in our personal odyssey. A couple of numbers (just cold numbers  I know) can give to you and idea about the project: 8300km. 110 hours driving. 24 days.

200 Polaroid films.

I stop Shins song and i go to sleep too.

Day 1 – The Odyssey in 1400 km (Andrea)

Here we are, full car, everybody ready excepting for a little detail: Elena forgot her ID card at home.
holy girl.
“nothing wrong, stay calm, we’ll fix it”, we say. And that’s what happened. We leave Bologna, to Brescia where her boyfriend, Matteo, brings us her forgotten document.
After some km we realize that lighter of the car we rented does not work and we absolutely need it for GPS.
it’s 1st of may and Italy is all closed. Everybody is at home, and nobody is working.
So we need to solve this by ourselves, trying to replace some electrical components. it sounds easy!!
We replace the pieces and it’s seems to be all ok…or not? Wheel is blocked and the radio is unusable. great!
With Gabriele at seven heaven for losing music, Andrea with a painful hand, anna with hysterical crisis and Elena in cathartic silence, we move to the border of the state where we meet an intense hailstorm.
Not satisfied, at an auto grill, we pick up a German auto stopper, that THEN appears to be a sociopathic and junkie.
Finally we arrive in Hamburg where a comfortable hostel waited for us.
Sick and tired, we fall to sleep.

Day 2 – Hamburg (Elena)

After a good breakfast at the hostel we are going out to visit the centre of Hamburg.
Friendly swans and ducks are taking attention of Gabriele that use an entire pack of film only to photograph them.
Unfortunately, we have no time for visiting the huge commercial port, but we have seen the tourist one.
After four hours of travel, we arrive in Horsens, Denmark, to meet Ines, our first contact.
Tomorrow morning we take a look around,
if weather will let us do it.

Day 3 – Too Small (Anna)

Ines has eyes so big and dark to seems dramatic.
Ines smiles with a rare kindness.
She shows us places around her flat, the empty and straight streets, the coloured houses at the fiord,
The wood from far, a little blond child who plays walking in the cold water, A huge and gold cane field near the lake.
And my eyes are so full that I couldn’t close all that infinity in little square.
Every time I looked in the camera it seemed to me a piece of paper, a cutter nail.
For the first time I realized how much harder is this adventure. How much smaller is a polaroid picture. How much smaller I am.
Through myself in things I know I can handle, just for a moment (just like to come back home, before to be too far away), I photograph Elena on Ines’s bed.
The hair … I don’t have more.
Tomorrow:  Norway.

Day 6 – R.I.P. SX-70 (Gabriele)

My SX-70 is fallen in the sea water. surely it can’t find a better place for die. rest in peace.

Day 13 – The Beach (Elena)

Among mountains with sharp peaks, appears a white beach with crystal water.
I have no words.

Day 18 – at the lodge (if you love a woman) (Gabriele)

This one could be the first day free for us. I didn’t take a photo. I didn’t drive at all. Anyway I can’t stay on my legs. Stockholm totally takes my mind and here I do what she asks me to do. I just have few crowns and just two clean socks. But we are coming back. Slowly. It’s still not finished but we are coming back to Italy. A kiss.
Here there are 22°

Day 21 – yellow flowers (Elena)

Oland island, for me sounds like Holland, but it’s very different and every time I speak with Swedish people they understand that i talking about Holland (Netherlands).
Indeed here is quite similar, there are mills and yellow flowers everywhere.
Tomorrow we begin the return journey, I can’t believe that the trip is already finished.

May 28 – my own back home (sung on road trip) (Anna)

How is possible to understand when something is really finished?

Which border, door, barrier have we to cross to say “it’s over.”?

Travels are like love stories, for me. And also this trip (maybe this one more then others) has fleeting and impalpable limits. It maybe started one winter night of month and month ago watching a movie, and it’s finished days and days before we passed the italian boundary.

But yet, there’s always this feeling inside myself. That trip is not finished. Maybe this is the reason why, first night I finally spent in my bed (I’ve change 19 different beds during this trip) i never closed my eyes.

My smells, profiles of my things, the shutter down, the night that finally comes again, my cat jumping silently on my bed to “make bread” on my legs. And here, myself, in a kind of ecstatic fibrillation.

Thinking about this journey differently from a one and only day, is impossible to me. Passed moving like fishes in the torrent water. We have drift on a way traced only by our wishes, smooth like it was always existed. Sunny like it’s waiting for us. Immense like it wanted to heat us.

And, according to me, it does. Maybe this is why it’s not yet ended for me. Because like big loves did, also big trips takes something from yourself, giving you back something else. Something that takes the place beside you in bed at night, that before was of something else. And it’s strange and inevitable.

This trip gave me a lot, and took from me too.  I felt myself like an hourglass, constantly overfilled and depleted in an unceasing simultaneousness, there where time abandoned us, alone.

I want to thank my pals, without whom everything would be different. And who supported me, for all those days.

Andrea and his delicacy.

Elena and her preciseness.

Gabriele and his transparency.

Just like big loves, this trip for me, will never end.


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