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Design Revealed: Galbraith & Paul

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Philadelphia textile company Galbraith & Paul has been making hand-block textile designs for more than 25 years. Designers-in-the-know have always scooped up the newest textiles each season, but the wares have traditionally been off-limits to the general public. Room & Board changed all that eight years ago when they launched a line of pillows done in the company's signature pop prints.

The collections aren't just an annual release. "We do about two or three collections with them a year," says Ephraim Paul, the P of G & P. "They usually take about a month to create from original concept to finished product." Each collection showcases textiles that stand out from the previous collections, but every collection captures the essence of Room & Board style. "We start with some design concept and color palette that the Room & Board design team is trying to bring to the stores for the next season," says Paul of their general work process. "Then we bring our own design approach and love of color to the project."

So, what can we expect to see next from G&P? "The term 'menswear' was given to us by the design team, so we worked on plaids and herringbones as a way of paying homage to that theme," Paul says. Click through the photos for a behind-the-scenes look at the work behind the collection.

Shop Room & Board's current Galbraith & Paul collection. Be sure to check out their exclusive line of lighting pendants, too.


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