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Hendrick’s Gin | Designing the Party

Monday, October 1st, 2012

If you frequent parties in your local downtown, you've got an inkling that designing a party is a real thing, and that it takes talent to make one memorable. Last week, Hendrick's Gin swept through Chicago with a three-night  “Voyages Into the Unusual” event at Salvage One. To cut to the chase, it looked and felt good—it was clearly designed and designed well.

A cast of Hendrick’s Gin characters amused guests amid a setting that included a grand Explorer’s Lounge, a frenzied Botanist’s Den and a full scale Apothecary, not to mention a real hot air balloon, Austin, TX-based band White Ghost Shivers and various circus performers. The party stage, Salvage One, was appropriately eclectic and steampunky for the Victorian-era characters and structures—which included a cocktail box bar from which I was served a libation not exactly of my choosing. 

Hendrick's, obviously, has a detailed grasp on its own personality and everything from its website to cocktails to whimsical characters delivers another dimension of the experience it's trying to communicate. It helps that it's no ordinary gin—which is precisely the point they're trying to make.

Voyages Into the Unusual continues on to Philadelphia, PA (Oct. 16 – 18) and concludes in New York, NY (Oct. 30 – Nov. 1).

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