Interior designer Elizabeth Bomberger Vivre Interior

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High Design, Helping Hand

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley

Interior designer Elizabeth Bomberger of Vivre Interior is bringing a little bit of style to those less fortunate by designing an apartment for the upward Bound House family shelter in Marina Del Rey, California. Bomberger, along with other local designers, renovated an apartment in the 18-room facility, which serves as a temporary shelter for women and children. “Everyone was very helpful and cheerful,” Bomberger says of the project. “Instead of it being competitive, we were all helping hands—it was fun and for a great cause.

”Bomberger raised money to purchase second-hand furniture in flea markets and online, while other items, including the beds, were donated. The space’s main inspiration came from the Asian-inspired red, black, and cream colored panels, which Bomberger hung above the queen size bed and framed in crown molding to create a headboard. “I wanted to make it cheerful and happy,” she says. “Why can't you have a luxurious home and feel good about yourself?” 

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