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House in the Pyrenees

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

By Justin Ray

Having to share a home with your parents or in-laws can be a real drag. If the home happens to be a contemporary spin on the traditional log cabin in the woods, it might not be the worst thing. Architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales wanted to create a structure containing two separate homes with a shared a living experience. Located in Aran Valley, Spain, the House In The Pyrenees could make living with the most nosy housemate enjoyable. 

The challenge the property presented initially wasn't so joyous; the architects had to respect original elements of a vernacular home made of dry stone while updating the structure. The architects updated the site with due respect to the original structure. Now it stands as a two-floor building with two opposing large window facades that capture natural light. Each floor is separate in attitude. The roof unit captures the breath of the outdoors while offering its own youthful moxie. The lower floor is mature and luxurious, emphasizing the atavists of the former building. 

Despite the division, the space maintains a continuity in experience. Comfortably placed in the mountainside and overlooking the valley, the house radiants warmth and unobtrusiveness from the outside. So much so that the modern interior is a bit of a surprise—but not in the same way as those in-laws dropping in.


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