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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

By John Dugan
Photography by Ashley Florence, courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Fashionistas and Heritage freaks have seen it all in terms of look books and catalogs—but we're noticing 2012-2013 work in that department is tending toward the creative, the personal and the stands-on-its-own. But the new Human Being Journal from Richmond, VA's own Need Supply Co. is something else. It qualifies as an editorial mag/art book in its own right, showcasing great photography, short form articles and pensive mood—just in time for the holiday gift-giving season. 

The Need folks explain their new publication this way, "We have been printing something each season, but never sharing thoughts and ideas. It's a strong belief within our company that the products only represent one part of the story. The people who buy our clothing also sleep, eat, ride bikes, travel to new locations and have ideas about the world. We set a goal to share more of this culture and energy. We're passionate about creativity in whatever form it takes.”

 Some facts and figures about what's in the book:

1 white horse
128 pages
Perfect binding
3 months
11 photographers
18 contributors
42 people
1 Delicious Recipe
5 colors / printed in 5 colors
9225 words
140 questions
141 answers
7 sandwich recommendations

Human Being Journal, $10 at


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