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Laure and Sarah: “The Desert and the Box”

Jorge Luis Dieguez: “Inside/Out”

William Eadon: “Wait for It”

Nicole Bachmann: “Inside/Out”

Lars Amhoff: “Inside/Out”


Monday, November 14th, 2011

We tapped five of our favorite photographers to interpret what it means to be on the flip side of things. Here's what they came up with.

Laure and Sarah

Living and working between Paris and Berlin, Laure and Sarah are two young French photographers who create provocatively staged images with dreamlike qualities. Their respective backgrounds in interior design and graphic design resonate through their works, and their images are frequently paired with text from author Côme Laffay.

Jorge Luis Dieguez

Dieguez is a Peruvian photographer whose photographic style is heavily influenced by his architecture studies, as well as his explorations through the visual arts. After studying architecture and communications, he traveled to Barcelona to study cinematography where he worked in the film industry for seven years. He currently lives and works in London.

William Eadon

Eadon is an Ohio-born Brooklyn resident who has worked as a fashion designer and consultant for more than 15 years, maintaining his eponymous label and designing for Cynthia Rowley. He also enjoys photography, and his one-time band, Fragment, opened for Nine Inch Nails sometime in the ’90s.

Nicole Bachmann

Born in Zurich, Bachmann currently splits her time working and living between Zurich and London. Her clients include Apartamento Magazine, Case da Abitare, EQ3 Canada, Vitra, and many others. Her main interest is in portraits and interior and furniture design.

Lars Amhoff

Amhoff is the founder of German-based design company The Substain. Focusing on contemporary furniture and accessory design quality is something The Substain seeks fervently against today’s consumer product-oriented market. Quality over quantity and art over empty design for the masses.

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