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The Inspiration Issue (Part 1/5)

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Brooke Shaden portrait courtesy of Brooke Shaden, Stephen Burks portrait courtesy of Roche Bobois, Asif Khan portrait courtesy of Asif Khan, Karim Rashid portrait by Mario Schmolka.

Inspiration catalyzes nearly all of the projects we feature on the pages of Design Bureau. No matter which discipline lies at the heart of a story-whether it's interiors, architecture, graphics, fashion, photography, products, or more-one of the initial questions we tend to ask during each interview is, "what was the inspiration behind this project?"

For the third consecutive year (and to celebrate Design Bureau's Fourth Anniversary), we handpicked a collection of guest editors who inspire us and asked what inspires them. We didn't inquire as to what specifically stimulated Karim Rashid's 2014 product offerings, Stephen Burk's latest line, Brooke Shaden's most recent surreal photograph, or Asif Khan's newest building. We asked what inspires each of these creatives in their daily lives as designers-and as people. Presented in a five part series, sink in and get inspired.

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