Interior Designers Speak | Tracy Davis - Design Bureau

Marketing and documentation for Tracy Davis/Urban Dwellings

Interior photos by Brian Vanden Brink


Marketing and documentation for Tracy Davis/Urban Dwellings


Portrait by Emilie Inc.

Interior Designers Speak | Tracy Davis

Friday, August 9th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley

Tracy Davis

Principal @ Urban Dwellings
Location: New York, New York

LS: What challenges you most?
Tracy Davis: The challenge of a new project. In your mind, you’re evoking a scene—that’s what gets the juices flowing. I love finding new materials and products for each design. I prefer not to duplicate materials, and I go out of my way to remove those from my library. It keeps us fresh.

LS: Do you feel it took you time to develop your voice, or was it something you felt strongly about from the get-go?
TD: Finding my voice has always been more about being different and separating myself from the visuals that are expected. I think often there is a dogma around interior designers, and I try to bust through those myths. There are a lot of designers that are gifted in their design aesthetic, but I like to stand outside of the box and look in.

LS: Do you have any guiding design principles?
TD: You have to look at the strength of the object or material you’re using—can it stand alone as a visual or aesthetic detail in the room, uncluttered? I believe less is more and oftentimes we cover up things that embrace beauty. These elements need to be strong enough to stand alone so they can be admired for what they are.

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