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Photo by Francesco Zizola

Photo by Francesco Zizola

Photo by Florian Manz


iPad Pics

Monday, January 16th, 2012

by Aryn Beitz

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but for the team over at Once Magazine, a new photography journal made exclusively for the iPad, a single image no longer cuts it. “We’re trying to rethink what a digital story can be,” says Once Publisher, Andrew Jones. After extensive research and a year of thoughtful and creative design work, the Once team unveiled a new spin on photojournalism – one that is enabled by interactive technology and takes into account a proven editorial model of single photographer stories told through approximately twenty images.

As for the iPad as a publishing platform: “It's not a replacement for a book; it's not a replacement for a television, or a desktop, or a newspaper, or even a magazine,” says Jones. “But when a big photo fills it up to its edges and light pours through from behind, the iPad's raison d'etre, in my mind, is self-evident: it is a perfect picture frame,” says Jones.

As the photography journal prepares to launch their fourth paid issue—look for it in the App Store --plans are in order for the evolution of Once Magazine to continue to do what it does best. Says Jones, “If we're doing the same thing in six months, you can forget it, we'll be left behind. We're here to push a form that we're inventing.”

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