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I can verify that this bottle feels really good as I just bought a bottle the other day. Classic.

Jack Daniel’s Nip and Tuck

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Jack Daniel's recently went under the knife. Nothing too serious — a little reduction here, a little augmentation there — just stuff that will ensure that the brand ages well. But generally, when you have brand equity like JD's has, it's best not to fix it. So what exactly did Minneapolis-based design firm Cue do?

For one, its addressed Jack's founding vision of a square bottle with a fluted neck. The new bottle is noticeably more muscular, with broad shoulders, sharp angles, and a bulging neck. This is manly stuff, whiskey, and this bottle looks like it could put a serious hurt on you. 

Cue also simplified the label graphics, making it appear less cluttered overall while retaining the basic essence of black-and-white boldness. Chances are, most people won't notice the specific differences next time they're in the liquor store, but they will notice that something has changed. Say, Jack, have you been working out?

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