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Jessica Walsh | Fill in the Blank

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Jessica Walsh portrait photos by Matthew Williams

When I get out of bed, the first thing I think about is... Checking my email and getting as much coffee into my veins as possible.

The designer whose career I envy most is...  Stefan Sagmeister 

When I'm sleeping, my dreams are usually about… Flying through space, being chased, or typography.

I wish I could redesign... John F. Kennedy International airport. And U.S. currency. Both are terrible. 

The best design request I could get is... “We have a huge budget, we will fly you to an exotic part of the world, you can do everything from branding to advertising, and you'll have total creative freedom.” 

The most awesome website is... Google. My second brain.  

I wish every designer knew not to... Take themselves and their work too seriously. 

The font I hope they use on my tombstone is... Knockout!

I love reading…  About our universe or interesting people. I would rather watch a good movie if I want a fictional story. 

I live on... a tiny planet in a solar system in the Milky Way galaxy, containing 200–400 billion other stars, that is part of a universe which contains over 200 billion other galaxies, and is possibly just one of many universes... 

When I make a million dollars, I wanna buy... A work space! I think that can get you a couple hundred square feet in Manhattan? Right now my dining room space has been converted into a photo studio and I would like to have a place to eat one day.   

Man, I just love... a good avocado. 

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