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Julien Berthier

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sculptor and artist Julien Berthier is a workaholic. “I always did a lot of drawing as a kid,” he says. “Then I discovered that I had this ability to work like hell, just non-stop.”

Born in Besançon, France, and now based in Paris, Berthier has turned his childhood doodles into a full-time career. “It’s a hell of a job, you have to do everything—the PR, finances, everything.” Although his sculptural pieces like Love-love and Balcon additionnel have been gaining notice within the art world, it’s his drawing work that really captivates his passion and activates his hard working mentality. “I love it because it’s an intense state of concentration—sometimes its five minutes, sometimes its days. And then it’s done. You know it’s done and it’s out of your mind, you don’t think about it anymore, you don’t change it. I love this process.”

His drawings range in complexity from that of a stop sign made up of thin black lines to a detailed skyline with hundreds of miniature windows. “I think its about a complex idea fitting into A4 paper and done in an hour,” he says. “I like that the idea is there—its never just drawing for drawing. And it’s easy to hang,” he says with a laugh.

Between what he reads in the newspaper while at his studio to what he witnesses at the grocery store check out, Berthier’s surroundings are constantly influencing his work. “Where we live, how we live, who decides all these questions are important.” And whether it’s an installation, a sculpture or a drawing (by his own creation or other artists), Berthier says he always appreciates its message. “I love how art is saying things, but in a slow way.”

Tracey Johnsen is a Chicago native and journalism student at the University of Missouri, currently studying at SciencesPo in Paris, France.

All drawings by Berthier. For more information visit www.julienberthier.org

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