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Just Chillin’ | 4 Hammocks

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

By Sarah Murray

Summer may be halfway over, but there's still plenty of time for doing nothing. And what better way to accomplish nothing than napping in the most chill piece of furniture known to man? The simple, reliable net hammock (here's one made in the U.S.A.) will suffice for most of our vacation purposes, but here are four hammock designs that add a twist of high design to the classic form.

1. The WAVE, Royal Botania
Royal Botania's WAVE hammock features an elegant and simple design. Daintily balanced on one pole, the WAVE looks suspended in midair. Its overarching cover and circular design make it unique, and its cushy bed-like hammock apparatus makes it a sublime summer hangout place.

2. The Nest, Ieva Laurina
Ieva Laurina's Nest hammock is both sculptural and functional. Besides being as comfortable as, well, a hammock, the ropes below react to wind movement and evoke dream-like qualities. "Watching the ropes move is almost like looking at a waterfall," says the designer.

3. The Urban Balance WaveOutback Chair Company
The Wave's modern design is both comfortable and chic. In lieu of an ordinary lounge chair, the Wave's oscillating form molds to the body's natural shape. Though the design is fairly basic, the nifty pillow colors and sleek form make it chic.

4. La Seóra, Seóra
With posture and comfort in mind, Seóra's newest hammock uses beams to keep your back from slouching. Inspired by the multi-cultural city of Miami, the marine wood and stainless steel hammock is a hybrid between a traditional hammock and a Caribbean rocker. Though we can't imagine how a wood hammock would be entirely comfortable, La Seóra's adjustable arm and foot rests seem perfect for maximum summer contentment.

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