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Let Them Eat Cake

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Photos by Ryan Forbes 

Featured Company: A.V. Hospitality

Location: Scottsdale,AZ

Project Type: Nightclub

Project Name: Cake Nightclub

Upon passing through Cake Nightclub’s velvet-rope entrance, an intimate realm that combines 17th Century architecture with the décor of a royal French boudoir manifests. Tosh Berman, creative director of LA’s EDL Management Group and AV Hospitality, designed Cake to feel like the interior of a French chateau that simultaneously evokes the fashion sense of “vintage bohemian culture and old Hollywood charm.”

Yes, Berman was thinking about Marie Antoinette when he outfitted Cake with its intricate woodwork, antique mirrors, chandeliers of real crystal, hand-tooled leather banquets, and a custom-filament Edison bulb wall set. The chandeliers, Berman points out, were custom-made in Europe before being flown in and built on site.

The first in a series of EDL-launched theatrical venues, Cake acts as a showcase for Berman’s design elements while setting the stage for him to apply similar concepts for future nightclubs in West Hollywood, San Diego, and Chicago. Berman, a nightclub/hospitality veteran, consistently strives to create floor plans that make efficient use of space. With Cake in particular, Berman says that he is most proud of how he juxtaposed old-world design with tasteful elements of modern technology. In the end, in spite of playing to the senses with such strong vintage flavors, Berman wants Cake to feel timeless. Apparently, he also kept his eye trained to one of most practical needs of his patrons, as Cake already has garnered ringing endorsements in one vital department: “Women,” he says, “love the bathroom.”

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