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Above: Farmhouse restaurant in Chicago. Below: Another G2 Design Studios project, Biaggi’s Italian restaurant in Indiana. 


Outside of Chicago, Guerin’s work can be seen in cozy Italian spot Biaggi’s in Carmel, Indiana. “The goal of the design is to make diners feel at home,” Guerin says. “The owner wanted this particular space to feel homey without being overwhelming, and to be a place where anyone could come.” Guerin used warm, rich materials and finishes like caramel-colored paint, honey-hued wood, and comfy leather on the seating banquettes to create a space where a couple on a date and family with kids both feel at home—making things “family style” at Biaggi’s in more ways than one.

Locally Sourced

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Farmhouse photos by Kevin Atkinson
Biaggi's photos by Matt Edwards

The cuisine at Chicago’s Farmhouse restaurant may be sourced from nearby farms, but it’s likely that the table itself came from just down the street. Nearly all of the interior furnishings and materials in the restaurant were salvaged from around the city.

“Everything at Farmhouse is farm-to-table, so we wanted the interior of the space to feel just as authentic as their food,” says interior designer Pam Grossman Guerin of G2 Design Studios. “The design was a very organic process with the owners. Basically, we just tried to find cool stuff.”

Sourcing materials for the space turned into an urban treasure hunt for Guerin and the owners, who unearthed gems like salvaged pieces from a furniture factory on the South Side and antique lamp-maker forms that Guerin turned into bare-wire pendant lights. But perhaps their coolest find was a 1950s “Bevador,” a giant missile-shaped beer cooler that the team discovered at a mechanic’s shop. The vintage cooler now stocks Farmhouse’s selection of craft brews—local ones, naturally.

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