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Luke Wong’s Docapet

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Furniture designer Luke Wong created Docapet after his own high-end taste challenged him to find stylish products befitting of his home and his Weimaraner, Madyson. “I created a bowl for my apartment and it just sort of evolved from there.” Wong now sells three different styles of the cleverly named feeders: the Dogleg Diner, the Square Meal and the Y Bowl.

He’s also got a dog toy on the way this summer entitled the Dogface, a rubber chew toy inspired by children’s plastic green army man figurines. “It’s going to be durable because my dog can chew through anything.” And for Fido’s owners who really love Wong’s designs, check out his sleek line of human furniture, Studio Wai.

Square Meal $86-126 Y. Bowl $30-60

Kari Skaflen is a freelance writer, photographer, and founder of online style magazine Above the Fray.


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