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Made in the USA

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Images courtesy of Chad Robert Springer of White Door Photo, Charles de Lisle, Tiger Lily, The Modern Market

Here at Design Bureau, we love furniture and the many who make it from each and every corner of the globe. But there’s something about the classic craftsmanship of American furniture makers that’s simply undeniable. To get at the heart of what sets the U-S-of-A apart from everyone else, we asked four designers:

"What does American furniture offer that European brands do not?"

Drew Stuart, Principal and Field Director at Incorporated Architecture & Design

“Good American design is very, well, American: straightforward, unencumbered, unostentatious when luxurious, process oriented, and thoughtful without being pedantic. It’s useful without being overly constrained by functionality, open to satisfying the needs of the top of the market and the mass market, inventive, interested in new technologies, and unburdened by tradition. It is, in a word, democratic.” 

Charles de Lisle, Owner of Charles de Lisle

“European vs. American furniture—I feel the biggest inference could be foam. European companies have utilized methods of working with foam that the US pioneered but did not seem to keep current. Ironically, contemporary taste is leaning back toward older construction methods: hand carving, hardwood frames, down upholstery, and furniture that uses less foam technologies. These are all things that American small-furniture producers excel at.” 

Samantha Knapp,Designer at Tiger Lily’s

“Made in the USA is a true celebration of the American spirit. It signifies what is possible when innovation of mind and creativity meet one on one. At my workroom, we produce one-of-a- kind furnishings and a unique contemporary collection that mixes textures with metal and organic materials. The fact that I can hand-touch everything I make is the pinnacle of Made in America, which is a proud stamp of approval for me.”


Sherrie Hope, Interior Designer and Proprietor at The Modern Market, co-owner of M2 Studio

“It offers cultivation of new ideas to solutions of our own issues. The diversity of cities in the US provides an array of possibilities, and the support of the designers working to resolve these problems promotes innovation among ourselves. Design should be focused on where it comes from and what its intentions are. We are seeing a pattern of craftsmen, local materials, and manufacturing reemerge in the US, promoting sustainability, individuality, and a sense of place and time.”


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