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Making Trash Fancy

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Usually people try hiding their trash cans and toilet brushes. They throw them in a cabinet under the sink, build special closets and bins so the unsightly are out of sight, and stick them in unseen corners to collect dust. 

But instead of covering up these somewhat awkward objects, Danish company VIPP wants you to show ‘em off.  This year's products pay homage to Copenhagen's oxidized copper gems, like the rooftop towers of City Hall and Hans Christian Andersen's favorite little mermaid . Peppy green not your style? Then check out VIPP's Art Bins, a lineup of kooky receptacles created by big-time artists like Todd Oldham and Tomas Libertiny.

"Neglect your trash no longer," cries VIPP. Add one of their stylish cans to your home, and you'll put squeaky-clean June Cleaver households to shame.

 To shop the Copenhagen Green collection, go to

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