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Man in the Mirror: SimpleHuman’s Sensor Mirror

Monday, September 8th, 2014

The face is a distinct feature of our body, something that is essential to how we interact with others, express emotion, and assume an identity. SimpleHuman, who specializes in products essential for efficient living, attributes a similar level of importance to these practices and has revealed the Sensor Mirror as an assistant in doing so. Design Bureau spoke with the company to discuss the advanced elements on this reflective wonder and its relevance to anyone's daily routine.

What was your inspiration for this mirror design?

We couldn’t find a vanity mirror in the market that we liked, so we decided to design a better one. It didn’t become a sensor mirror until the design was almost complete. Our main goal was to give people the most clear, accurate view of their face possible. We found the best way to achieve that was with the best optics and high­‐quality lighting that has full-­spectrum color variation. After we figured out how to deliver those elements, the sensor was added to make the light come on automatically. This was important because it means you’ll never forget to turn the light on. In turn, you’ll always have the best view.

How does the face-sensor technology work?

There is a sensor on the mirror that activates the mirror’s tru-­lux light system when it “senses” your face approaching. After you are done using the mirror, it “senses” you are no longer there, and turns the light off.

The website says that the sensor has “intelligent multi-sense” technology that allows it to adapt to the owner’s behavior. What does this mean, exactly? How does it work?

Intelligent multi-­sense means that it can adapt to your behavior. Once the sensor is activated, it knows you are there, so it becomes more sensitive. That way, it won’t turn off unexpectedly. Then, once it realizes that you are no longer in front of the mirror, it turns off automatically.

What makes this mirror stand out from others on the market?

The innovation of the tru­‐lux light system makes our mirror twice as bright and accurate for color­‐correcting than other mirrors. This means that you get the clearest, most accurate view of your face – period. It’s as if you were able to put your makeup on outdoors in natural sunlight. In addition to optics, it’s also cordless and rechargeable. You can take it with you anywhere and cords won't clutter your space. And, you recharge it with a USB cord, and each charge lasts 5-­6 weeks.

In addition to its functionality, the mirror has a very simple design aesthetic. There’s nothing superfluous that distracts its primary function of ensuring the best view.

Who is the ideal owner of the mirror? 

The mirror is the ideal tool for putting on makeup because it simulates natural sunlight. It has a broad appeal. We’ve heard from beauty mavens who say they can’t live without it, to consumers who were dissatisfied with traditional vanity mirrors, and even men who like to use it while shaving! It’s designed for anyone who want to get the clearest, accurate view of their face possible.

Are there other technologies you’d like to incorporate into your mirrors/products in the future?

We are always on the lookout for new technology and ways to improve our existing products as long as it makes sense for our users.

What is your company’s overall mission statement?

At SimpleHuman, we create highly functional modern tools to help people be more efficient in their daily tasks at home. We call our products "tools for efficient living". We only build products we love to use ourselves and can’t wait to share with family and friends.

How does this product reflect those goals?

Our sensor mirror went through two and a half years of development and quality control testing from start to finish. The result is the most advanced lighted makeup mirror you can find with its cutting‐edge LED light technology, distortion‐free reflectivity, automatic sensor operation, and cordless and rechargeable features. Most importantly, it is brighter, clearer, and provides the most color-­corrected view of the user than any other mirror on the market.

What inspires you and your designs?

Making life better and more efficient for those who use our products. People notice the care and detail we put into our products and are always surprised at the little things that elevate our products above the rest of the competition. We are focus on minimal design; functionality is the most important thing. We want people to live better in the modern world.

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