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Manuel Raeder’s Cake Table

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

By Jen Hazen

Cake table, the second piece in △⚫◼ , a series of geometric basic forms created by Berlin-based designer Manuel Raeder, is both multifunctional and fun. The table is made of coated plywood that separates into 10 crisp slices that come in a rainbow of bright colors with a high-gloss finish. The pieces can be used individually, as a bookshelf, side tables, or combined to create a small table with stools—there are dozens of utilitarian possibilities.

Raeder is affiliated with Weimar collective/production company “My Bauhaus is Better Than Yours,” a group of artists and designers who create conceptual furniture, fashion, and graphic design.

The cake table retails for retails for EUR 1,800.00 and is available at 


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