Milan Preview: Cappellini - Design Bureau

Giulio Cappellini with Candy Tablesaa

 Cappellini - Nendo - Peg couple brown

 Cappellini - Sylvain Willenz - Candy Shelf_1

 Cappellini - Zanini de Zanine - Trez_1

Cappellini - Sylvain Willenz - Candy Shelf_3


Cappellini - Marcel Wanders - Dalia

Milan Preview: Cappellini

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


After 40 years of attending the Salone, Giulio Cappellini is a veteran of the world’s biggest design fair. And despite decades of attendance, he still finds it an inspiring challenge to innovate, do better, and submit only the best products. “It’s a real exam,” he says. “And good competition is an incentive for us to do even better.”

His company works with an A-list group of collaborators (with the likes of Tom Dixon, Piero Lissoni, and Marcel Wanders barely scratching the surface of its designer roster) to design and manufacture nearly every type of furniture: cabinets and bookshelves, tables, sofas and armchairs, beds, and carpets. Here he shares with us thoughts on Milan and the past and future of Cappellini at the Salone.

How would you describe the city of Milan?

Milan is always reconfirming itself as the world capital of design, a center where we show and produce artifacts drawn from the biggest international designers. The city, in addition to the fair, is increasingly involved in the design week with events that absorb everyone and everything.

How was the Salone for Cappellini last year?

Obviously, when you show many products, you get immediate positive feedback like we got with our Dalia chair by Marcel Wanders. Other items need more time to be understood. Such was the case with our Candy Shelf by Sylvain Willenz, which will be resubmitted this year.

What can we expect from Cappellini at the Salone this year?

This year we’ll present a number of new collections. Some reconfirm established collaborations with designers like Jasper Morrison and Nendo; others open new partnerships, such as one with Sebastian Herkner. Cappellini will also present re-editions of beautiful pieces by Shiro Kuramata and new colors, finishes, and fabrics for its current collection.

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